Navajo Reservation

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the mission field? Have you ever desired to see firsthand the work of spreading the Gospel to a lost people? Have you thought it is not possible to enjoy a missions trip without leaving the country? Have you considered what God could do with a surrendered heart on a weeklong missions trip in the United States?

Bearing Precious Seed in El Paso, Texas has worked with independent Baptist missionaries across the border in Mexico for many years. However, through the open door that the Lord has provided, we have been privileged to partner with Pastor Don Chitty in New Mexico. His unique ministry is one of being a missionary to the Navajo Indians. For over 38 years, Pastor Chitty has pastored the Open Bible Baptist Church in Waterflow, New Mexico where the majority of his congregation is Navajo Indians. He is located just a few short miles from a Navajo Indian Reservation and regularly runs buses to pick up those who desire to be a part of the services each week.

BPS El Paso has the opportunity to take two weeks this summer to travel up to Northern New Mexico to work alongside Pastor Don Chitty and minister to the people of the Navajo nation. Each of the two weeks will consist of Scripture assembly, distribution, prayer meetings, evangelistic services, and other ministry and fellowship opportunities. Through this exciting partnership, we will be able to take the mission trips in Juarez, Mexico and move them to a group of people that are within our own country’s borders. Would you allow God to use you this summer to reach a people that are often forgotten? Would you allow God to work in your life and challenge you to think of the lost more than ever before?

For further information, please contact Hector Jimenez at 915-549-7965 or Click Here to e-mail.